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Debugging Backwards in Time
Google TechTalks January 11, 2006 Bil Lewis Bil Lewis is a computer scientist who has worked on natural language understanding, ... all » expert systems, language design, and programming tools. He studied at Ripon College, the University of Indiana, and Penn. He has taught at Stanford and for numerous companies. He has worked at Stanford Research Institute, the FMC AI Center, and Sun Microsystems. He wrote "GNU Emacs Lisp", the "Threads Primer", "Multithreaded Programming with PThreads", and "Multithreaded Programming with Java". ABSTRACT What if a debugger could allow you to simply step BACKWARDS? Instead of all that hassle with guessing where to put breakpoints and the fear of typing "continue" one too many times... What if you could simply go backwards to see what went wrong? This is the essence of the "Omniscient Debugger" -- it remembers everything that happened during the run of a program, and allows the programmer to "step backwards in time" to see what happened at any point of the program. All variable values, all objects, all method calls, all exceptions are recorded and the programmer can now look at anything that happened at any time.

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