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Shark Park
Here is the story of Greg's pursuit and amazing adventures to Shark Park that will go down as history in the making. Starring: Bennett Williams - Carlos Burle - Chris Brown - Chris Malloy - Chuck Patterson - Dan Malloy - Don Curry - Eric Akiskalian - Euraldo "Pato" Teixeira - Garrett McNamara - Jamie Sterling - Jed Tucker - Kealii Mamala - Mark Healey - Rusty Long - Shawn Alladio - Tim Corliss Bonus Short: "Shark Alley" Freediver vs. 20' Great White Shark in South Africa Produced and Directed By: Greg Huglin Co-Produced and Edited By: Peck Euwer Associate Producer: Mark Anders Filmed By: Dan Dixon - Dave Beezer - Greg Harrington - Larry Haynes - Matt Scott - Peck Euwer - Todd Saunders Music By: Craig McConnell - Icarus Music Art Directors: Shannon Dybvig - Max McGee Sponsored By: TowsurfingAdventures.com - Towsurfer.com - K38 Water Safety

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