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Barack Obama wins Iowa Caucus
Barack Obama upsets front runner Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucus Results this Thursday January 3 2008 and turns out to be the big landslide victory winner in Iowa. Hillary Clinton will have to consider New Hampshire a 'must win' state a few short days later. Barack Obama has worked hard in Iowa for months, but his other competitors of John Edwards and Hillary Clinton have worked hard there, too. I believe the main reason that Barack Obama has won in Iowa on Thursday has little to do with mistakes made by Hillary Clinton and more on the message of Barack Obama. Keywords: Sneak preview, Barack Obama, IA, Iowa, Caucus, win, landslide victory, beat, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, NH, Democrat, primary, primaries, president, African American A few days ago Hillary Clinton's daughter insulted a young school girl reporter that wanted to ask her a few questions about her mom. Hillary's daughter dismissed the young girl and told her she did not answer reporters questions even when they are asked by a cute girl like her. That brush off along with Hillary Clinton's own decision not to take questions from the audience at campaign stops has caused Hillary to once again look like a cold woman to some voters. In many ways, Barack Obama reminds me of Hillary Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton. Both men are very charismatic individuals, while Hillary Clinton many times comes across as harsh and rude at campaign stops. Barack Obama is the real deal and has won the Iowa caucus' on Thursday. However, I will take a wait and see attitude because I have seen African-American candidates poll well in the past only to fall short of votes on election day. Unfortunately, one of the last remnants of racism hides itself from what people tell pollsters, but when they are in the privacy of the voting booth -- racist will cast a different vote. With Thursday contest in Iowa being a caucus instead of a secret ballot, poll results there might be different than in a secret ballot election. Now Barack Obama won big Thursday night in the Iowa caucus', he has taken

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